A Sportrait is a term used to describe a sports portrait.

It is generally created for an athlete’s personal portfolio or produced to showcase an athlete’s skills / marketing ability and to attract sponsors. The Sportrait is open to all levels and ages, from aspiring young people to full on professionals. More importantly it’s here for you to record and capture what you have achieved, what you look like and to celebrate, young or old, this is you at your moment in time.

Being able to shoot sports people is one of the great joys of being a photographer for me. The action, the emotion, the challenge of capturing you in your absolute best condition.

Creating portraits of athletes, putting them in their element, on the field, in the swimming pool, in the gym or weight room then adding the light to bring out their grit, determination, skill and power is what sets my Sportraits apart from your average sports portrait. I put a unique blend of sporting action and portraiture together to give you something special. Something very different and unique and shows you, the sports person, in a truly inspirational way – doing what you do best.

Working from my base in Swindon, Wiltshire, I can shoot from my studio or on location so let’s work together and create something really special for you or your team. Aspire to inspire. 

Clive has photographed me in such a great dynamic way, being a sportsman it’s so important to get this just right.  He listened to me and put every thing I asked for into my portrait.  I’m blown away with it. 

Luke Watkins

European boxing champion

This is a very personalised service and your personal commission includes an initial consultation as well as your portrait shoot.


Objective of the consultation
  • To select location, dates and times for the portrait shoot.
  • To ensure your individual character, style and strengths are reflected.
  • To celebrate your achievements.
  • Discuss clothing options and any props required.
  • Gain some insight into your personality and to establish a rapport to assist you feeling relaxed, comfortable and to enjoy the shoot.
  • Identify and discuss any specific requests for images.
  • To discuss how the images intend to be used.
Objective of the Portrait Shoot
  • To use professional lighting techniques to create mood and showcase the athlete’s physicality and skills.
  • Capture you in your absolute best doing your sport.
  • Create a piece of art that is completely unique for you and is inspiration and celebrates your achievements.
  • If required to incorporate products/services (to highlight marketing potential) please note: product photography may incur an additional fee.