Male portraiture is changing fast. In the past, portraiture was mainly for females but I’m pleased to say this is now changing. But the thing to remember is that unless you are photographing a male model, most men do not like having their photo taken, and a photoshoot isn’t the time they unleash their “practice poses”. Most male clients might be in front of the camera due to a special occasion such as a wedding or engagement session, or they need a professional profile shot. There tends to be a stigma that men are more difficult to photograph because of this, but that is definitely not the case.

When shooting male portraits, I like to have done my homework and find out if the person wants to look tough, friendly, or have an executive presence? I can then put you in position to make sure your posture gives that feeling. It helps if I know your goals so I can come better prepared. 

As with all clients, the more natural the expression, the better. A good rule of thumb is to try and capture images that showcase personality. Some need to be more candid in approach with a lot of smiles while others work better in a hard hitting environment.

I always do my best to keep my clients relaxed and comfortable during the session and give simple verbal cues as I find this will yield the best results.

When a man thinks about the best version of himself, he doesn’t think about being pretty, cute, or showing off his nice hourglass body.
A man wants to be strong, fit and tall while oozing coolness, confidence, and self-control.
While posing women we usually try to accentuate curves, when posing men the opposite holds true. A man’s body is not about curves, it is about angles and raw power. It’s about the V and the jawline.

I am proud to photograph males and love the results I have achieved so far and I would love to be able to take on your commission.

Amazing photographer. Fantastic photos of me for a military portrait. Very relaxed, made me feel right at home and professional throughout. I would highly recommend to anyone wanting a high quality portrait photo.

Male portraiture is changing fast


Objective of the consultation
  • To understand and ensure your individual character, personality, style and strengths are reflected within your portrait.
  • Discuss clothing options and any props required.
  • Gain some insight into your personality and to establish a rapport to assist you in feeling relaxed, comfortable and able to enjoy the shoot.
  • Identify and discuss any specific requests you may have for the images.
  • To discuss how the images are intended to be used and displayed.
  • To select location, dates and times for the portrait shoot.
  • I want to listen to you and fully understand what you’re asking for in your personal bespoke commissioned portrait.
Objective of the Portrait Shoot
  • To use my professional skills in posing and lighting techniques to create mood and showcase you in the best possible way according your wishes.
  • Capture your natural spirit and personality.
  • Create a piece of bespoke art that is completely unique for you, is inspirational, and celebrates you.
  • If we are required to incorporate products/services (to highlight marketing potential) please note: product photography may incur an additional fee.