Welcome to my new website and blog page!


I’m Clive, I’m a professional photographer and I specialise in portraiture. Welcome to my new website and blog page!

Clive Hall

Clive Hall a master Photographer Fine art portraiture located in swindon. Qualification :- 3 fellowships 2x master craftsman and Maste photographer under CPD Damian McGillicuddy Mmos programme 

I work within all genres of photography and although I love all areas, it’s photographing people that is a real driver for me. I get so much satisfaction and pleasure in delivering something special for my clients, something really emotional and personal to them.

I wanted a new website and brand name to help me celebrate this love of portraiture, to allow me to focus on the passion, the story telling, the emotion of portraits. The name ‘Life in Portraiture’ was born when a friend simply said, “You can see the life in your portraitures Clive!” For me, that summed up everything portraiture is about for a client. It’s your lives to capture in a split second, freezing time and making a priceless memory that will last a lifetime. It’s about giving that to you in a commissioned fine art, framed, wall hung piece of art, whether its at your home, the office or even the gym.

Why choose me? It’s a fair question, there are many professional photographers and it can be difficult to choose the right one for your needs. The one tip I’d give anyone is to make sure that the person you’re about to trust knows what they’re doing and the best way to do that is to check they are properly qualified and also that they can prove and demonstrate they are skilled and experienced in the area of work you require. Your photographer needs to have the qualifications and they need to hold the portfolios to demonstrate it.

Having “talked the talk”, it’s important therefore that I “walk the walk” and I continuously work hard and strive to be the best I possibly can. In terms of my qualifications, I’m a double “Master Craftsman” within the Guild of Photographers (their highest level of qualification) and am now a photographic judge and panel member for them, judging the work of others who are seeking their qualifications. Additionally, I’m the holder of a double fellowship from the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers which is their highest level of qualification.

I also hold a fellowship and have been awarded a Masters under Cpd training, with two time world master Damian McGillicuddy, with his Mmos
https://mentormeonsteroids.com/about-us/ training programme.

I’m proud of my achievements with 3 separate professional organisations, all industry leaders. Each qualification requires the ability to consistently demonstrate the highest quality of work which is judged both for its technical and artistic structure. It places me in the top 1% of the country and that’s why you can trust me to deliver results of the very highest quality. In my book, you deserve nothing less.

A portrait is so much more than just a picture, it’s the story of you and it’s what I do best.

If you want to commission a bespoke portrait of yourself or a loved one, please get in contact and let’s work together to create something absolutely breath taking. Something stunning and truly individual to you. I haven’t compromised in my pursuit of the highest of standards – so why should you?